With all their brilliance and amazing creativity Google wizards sometimes seem to overlook the importance of adequate integration between their own products and services.

As described in this article, it looks like Google missed some opportunities to leverage their own products and services to strengthen their competitive advantage with respect to providers of single scope solutions (e.g., Instant Messaging vendors, or Internet Domain registrars, Web Hosting providers, VOIP vendors, etc.).

Google Forms and Google Voice

Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to verify phone numbers? E.g.,

Some design ideas to enhance Tesla’s driver experience. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

  1. A button to activate a Car-Wash mode to automatically
    (a) Turn off Auto-mode for windshield wipers,
    (b) Activate Neutral gear, and
    (c) Switch air flow to internal
    (d) Fold in mirrors
    (e) Remind/offer to press a button to close the windows, if any are open
  2. Peer-to-peer charging. A capability for one Tesla with a full battery to charge another Tesla with a depleted battery

While switching to a wireless design makes sense in many cases, there is still a need, an opportunity and, for many, a matter of preference to use wired headphones. This is especially true even more so now, with many switching to working remotely and participating in video meetings over the Internet , or making phone calls using desktop apps like Google Voice or OOMA Office Pro.

Bose has been a recognized leader in the noise cancelling headphone space for many years. Those who frequently travel can still see many happy Bose customers on airplanes.

KOOPAO USB-to-3.5mm jack adapter for headphones with a built-in mic

However, to be able to use…

Patients typically can only set up an appointment with a doctor or another healthcare provider by phone. Sometimes this requires staying on hold, leaving voicemails or playing phone tag.

To get onboarded, patients need to fill out some forms, such as a new patient form. To do that they either need to come in 15 minutes early before their appointment and fill out paper forms by hand (often having to write their name, date of birth, their mailing address and phone numbers multiple times) if the appointment is in person, or, if it is a telehealth appointment (over the phone…

Signal messaging service is becoming more and more popular, especially in the context of the upcoming change in WhatsApp privacy policy and terms of use announced by Facebook.

Considered one of the most secure messaging services, Signal can make an even bigger and more important difference for enabling interactions of individuals with businesses and organizations.

For example, Signal could be redesigned to make it possible to interact with sales, support or billing departments. There are some advantages to using Signal (or another secure messaging service) compared to phone, texting, online forms, email or live chat (see more details in the…

We rely on Google Meet in house for our video chats and online screen sharing, and our clients, mostly healthcare organizations, use Google Meet for telehealth visits — video interactions between healthcare providers and patients.

Typically we set up a single button on our client’s website per each provider or per each virtual waiting room, and patients can start a telehealth visit at the time of their appointment with one press of this button on their doctor’s website (no links to send to patients).

While healthcare providers need to log in using their individual physical security key in addition to…

A list of capabilities that we would love to see in Medium in the future.

Company/Corporate Account

Medium can be a great tool for companies to publish their blogs, newsletters, and white papers.

Currently it is only possible to set up a personal/individual account. It would be great to have an option to set up a Company account to make it easier for a set of authorized users to collaborate while writing, reviewing and preparing their stories for publishing.

One work-around is to use a business email address as a Company ID and use a personal email address (e.g., gmail) as a…

If you’re planning to retire, it’s understandable that you would want to leave behind a good legacy with patients you have cared for. You’d want to make sure that your patients are successfully transferred to another provider, and that their new providers have everything they need from you to continue the care of your patients with minimal disruption. And, that if needed, they would have enough time to get in touch with you to discuss their questions about your patients prior to your retirement.

It would be unfortunate if some of you patients could end up missing your notification letters…

To protect the data on your personal computers, we recommend using a combination of Google Drive and Acronis True Image.

Part 1. Using Google Drive

You can use Google Drive Backup & Sync to continuously backup your folders to Google Cloud.

At the time of writing, Google offers 15GB for free with a Google account. You can buy additional storage from Google, currently priced at $19.99/year for 100GB, $29.99/year for 200GB, and $99/year for 2TB).

The main advantage of copying files to Google Cloud is that you’ll be able to access those backed up files and documents from any computer with an Internet connection without…

Organizations that allow their customers and partners to interact with their teams and departments using email, instant messaging, phone and text messaging are much more attractive and competitive than those that only offer email and phone.

Current Collaborative Inbox Capabilities in Google Workspace

Companies that subscribe to Google Workspace services can use the Collaborative Inbox capability in Google Groups to interact with their customers and partners using email. The Collaborative Inbox allows companies to set up functional email addresses for specific processes, subject areas/topics or specific departments (e.g., sales, billing, support, etc.), and authorized team members can send and receive email messages using those functional email addresses…

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